About Us

In 1952, with his siblings, Huseyin YEŞİL began to manufacture few but high quality shoes in Istanbul Gedikpaşa.

In 1992, 40 years of experience continues with second generation by franchising a huge shoe brand.

Yepar Ayakkabı rises.

In 2002, whilst the intensive tempo goes on, the brand Pabucchi rises.

In 2010, YEPAR realises the sales of 160.000 pair of shoes per year totaled within 3 stores.With the project www.pabucchi.com continues to progress as fully assured and delicate to take place amongst the leaders in the sector within 10 years.

In 2019, Yepar Ayakkabı, with their 1 headquarters, 1 online store and 3 stores, totally with the 4 stores reaches approximately 500.000 products sales volume.


Brand proceeds in 3 main categories.

1; Retailing

2; Labor safety and employee shoe corporate sales

3; Online retail shop www.pabucchi.com


3 principles that the brand can not renounce:

Service based on satisfaction

Accurate price

Always offering the current product